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  • More Fresh Fruits

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    More Fresh Fruits Export Egypt

About Us - More Fresh Import&Export

MoreFresh  is a vertically integrated company that constitutes a reliable and professional partner for all its interlocutors in the fresh produce business

The activity of More Fresh covers all the steps of the fresh produce supply chain, from the production to the marketing, and offers a supply of important services to its customers and partners

We are fruits and vegetables growers & quality experts and  exporters  merged under name "More Fresh "

More Fresh can always send you  special offers for all our products  with competitive prices and perfect quality as we are not only suppliers but also  direct growers who can get exclusive prices .. Trust that will get your satisfaction .

MoreFresh  is always matching the international standards, like Global Gap certificates and international analysis and quality inspection reports. We have implemented an excellent traceability system that matches the requirements of the largest fruits and vegetables importers in the world.

MoreFresh makes sure that the right tools are put in place to guarantee delivery on time, premium quality.

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More Fresh Fruits Export | Quality

The guarantees of quality
The priority of More Fresh's supply chain is product traceability. Product traceability is the capability to track down a single unit of product to the source, via each step of the distribution process. Product traceability allows:
  • a relationship between end consumer and grower based on trust. Each step of the distribution process is documented and held to the highest quality standards
  • the management of problems due to product defects arising during the packaging or distribution process.
More Fresh is able to:
  • keep growers accountable regarding their agronomic choices and their impact on the environment
  • manage products that need to have set specifications or meet technical standards, in all the steps of the supply chain: cultivation, storage, packaging and distribution
  • provide technical support to clients who wish to have their own labels; more specifically, providing technical standards and specific production plans drawn by our own experienced agronomists

More Fresh Fruits Export | Our Products

MoreFresh offers a wide range of products, both fruit and vegetables …
High product specialization and high capacity delivery are among the main distinctive strengths of More Fresh, More Fresh can provide the Maximum degree of expertise for each product category; at the same time, More Fresh can deliver a vast array of products to satisfy the diverse needs of clients .